CCTV Systems

A1 Gates & Securities, in association with Bespoke Installations, are proud to present a range of CCTV solutions to meet both domestic and commercial requirements. visit for more information.

  • body cameras

    Wall or ceiling mounted body cameras

  • Dome cameras

    Dome cameras

  • Covert cameras

    Covert cameras disguised as burglar or smoke alarms

  • Night-vision cameras

    Infrared night-vision cameras

CCTV Monitoring

A wide range of CCTV cameras are available. These include external weather-proof cameras, Infa-red night vision cameras, dome cameras and covert cameras. A digital video recorder (DVR) can be used to record camera footage to an internal hard drive. This can be reviewed at a later date and burned onto CD as evidence that can be submitted to the police. Access to the CCTV cameras and recorder playback can be gained remotely via the internet from your PC.

Gard 4 Parking Barrier download pdfDownload Info Brochure


For road widths up to 3.6 Metres, Gard4 is engineered to manage vehicle access in public and commercial car parking situations.

Soft profiles and rounded corners counteract the sail effect in a barrier that integrates perfectly into a variety of installation contexts.

Gard 6 Parking Barrier download pdfDownload Info Brochure


For road widths of up to 6.5 metres, the Gard series of automatic barriers are the ideal solution for entrance with high passage intensity.

Available in RAL 1028 Orange or stainless steel, the barriers are fitted with a 24V D.C. operator and suitable for intensive use. Once installed, they do not require frequent periodic maintenance.

Gard8 Parking Barrier download pdfDownload Info Brochure


Designed for larger road widths up to 7.6m (25 ft), the Gard8 series of barriers are the ideal solution for control of access to roads and parking areas in industrial and public settings.

The Gard8 series is available in the 230V A.C. motor and the 24V D.C motor versions. Available on request, a stainless steel cabinet can be utilised for installations where high durability is important, such as in coastal areas with high salt content in the air.

Gard12 Parking Barrier download pdfDownload Info Brochure


Gard12 is the ideal solution for controlling car and lorry parks, work passage areas, loading bays, cargo terminals, motorways and all other applications where fast, safe automation is necessary for large roadways.