Sliding Gates

There are two different types of sliding gate mechanism:

  • The traditional roller-tracked sliding gate
    Diagram of a tracked sliding gate.
  • The cantilever sliding gate
    Diagram of a cantilever sliding gate.

A tracked sliding gate runs on wheels along a grooved steel rail that is buried just below ground level.

A cantilever gate is counterbalanced above the ground, supported by rollers fitted to the bottom of the gate. The advantage of a cantilever gate is that you don't have to keep the track free of leaves - however, cantilever gates are generally more expensive as they require more civil engineering.

Whenever there is limited space in an entrance, an electric sliding gate which takes up little or no room is the ideal solution.

Whenever the driveway entrance turns sharply to the right or the left and a wing type gate would form an obstruction to the turning vehicle, then an electric sliding gate is the ideal solution.

Whenever extra security is required and the driveway needs to be securely closed off by the electric gate, then the electric sliding gate forms the ideal solution.

Sliding Gates Exeter

Both roller-tracked AND cantilever gates can be automated using CAME's range of sliding gate motors.

The installation of an electric sliding gate system is a little more involved than any other type of electric gate, but once the correct ground track and/or cantilever roller frames are installed, then the installation follows the same format as with other types of electric gates.

Our trained engineers will be more than happy to visit your property to discuss which system would be the most effective solution for your needs.